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Nursing Communication Plan

Shared Governance

We are proud to have councils of shared governance at HSHS St. Elizabeth’s allowing us to lead with a 360 degree lens.

Our councils ensure that we are initiating evidence based practice initiatives that center our mission and vision.

Unit Practice Council Charter

Purpose: The Unit Practice Council empowers clinical staff to implement and maintain standards of practice and patient care consistent with evidence-based practice and requirements of regulatory agencies. The purpose of the council is to:
  • Review and revise policies ,procedures, and standards of care
  • Incorporate evidence-based practice findings into clinical practice
  • Consult interdepartmental issues that impact patient care
  • Participate in the adoption of new clinical products and equipment
  • Provide input for the revision and approval of nursing documentation standards
  • Support peer review and quality improvement
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas, news and find solutions to workplace challenges
  • Recognize achievements in nursing practice
  • Membership: bedside nursing
  • Membership Responsibility: Members will be responsible for attending meetings and reporting activities and disseminating minutes/information to their respective units.

Council for Nursing Excellence

The Council for Nursing Excellence's Vision statement is: “Nursing committed to providing a culture of high quality care through leadership, collaboration, and empowered decision making; changing lives therefore changing ourselves.”

Purpose: The Council For Nursing Excellence (CNFE) is a peer based group of colleagues with the following responsibilities:
  • Provide leadership in the application of professional standards
  • Lead in performance improvement
  • Align with regulatory compliance
  • Contribute to colleague and patient satisfaction
  • Enhance organizational improvement
  • Re-invigorate nursing process efficiency and problem solving
  • Collaborate with interdepartmental relations
  • Nursing concerns determined by a UPC will be brought forth to the CNFE

Nursing Peer Review Council Charter

Goals: By establishing a council for improving nursing performance on an individual and aggregate level, HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital will accomplish the following goals:

1.    Improve patient outcomes
2.    Enhance nursing performance
3.    Increase efficiency of the process for nursing staff
4.    Identify process barriers impacting patient care
5.    Maintaining educational goals (in nursing)
6.    Improve use of support resources

Scope: The nursing peer review council will be responsible for evaluating and improving nursing performance in the areas of clinical quality, patient safety, nursing responsiveness, and documentation issues.
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